Prologue 13-31.12.2013


Back at night, alive after dark. When all the lost souls arise, under cold, distant moon. When all the creatures of the night wake up to dwell between time and eternity. When the clock stops... 
The great tranquility, that turns beautiful minds into madness. The neo- gothic writers, Romantic era poets, all those driven by insanity during their sleepless, never ending hours of the night. 

Awaken in cocaine sobriety Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, shining like the brightest stars on the nineteenth century mystic skyline. Children of visions and intuitions, recesses magical energies, playing in the mist labyrinth with unwritten words. That time has gone...

Here we are, longing for forgotten emotions. Heirs to Kierkegaard and Baudelaire, meanwhile completely lost. Grotesque humanity. Romanticism. Spirits lost forever.

Journal 13- 31.12.2013
(Counselling course)


  1. Had to do Journals for my Counseling course in 2013. Difficult to express myself in second language, so this is one of attempts. Just for practice; )


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