The Storm 08.2017

26.08.2017 21:42

I knew they coming. They gather the same days, the same time, the same place. I know them well. I have looked into their eyes, I heard what they were saying, I have seen into their souls. They are always in a group, as they are too weak and cowardly without others around them. And I am on my own. I am a wolf, but with no pack. I am still an ancient being, but with no energy. No energy to fight them, to fight Evil. Long time ago. Magic and sword. 

They here. Again, I am surrounded by demons. Telepathy. I am calling ancient Gods, my brothers in arms from all my previous lives. Visualizing. I am creating the shield, mental wall around me. It seems to work. Demons stay away. There is half warrior with me, but I don't know if I can trust him, he is one of them. And he is not. There is also another presence, energy, far away. But again I am not sure is it going be an ally, or another enemy. 

I will send them back to hell. Dark, cold abyss where they belong. I feel demons can sense it and yet, they don't want to believe. It does not matter now. The storm is coming. That’s my brothers- Gods responding to my call. 

Yes, I am a wolf and ancient being. And I am recharging my energy back. Behind time and space, other dimensions, long forgotten libraries, unknown galactic. The storm is coming. 


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